10 Creative Ways to Use DigiVis NFC Business Cards for Your Business

In the digital age, innovative technologies like NFC revolutionize traditional paper business cards (Near Field Communication). DigiVis NFC business cards are at the forefront of this transformation, offering various features that make networking more dynamic and impactful. Here are ten creative ways to use DigiVis NFC business cards to elevate your business and stand out.

Instant Contact Sharing

Gone are the days of manually entering contact information. With DigiVis NFC business cards, you can instantly share your contact details with a simple tap. Recipients can save your information directly to their smartphones, ensuring they have your details handy without the risk of losing a physical card.

Interactive Portfolio Showcase

Use your DigiVis NFC business card to link to an online portfolio. Whether you’re an artist, designer, or photographer, showcasing your work has never been easier. Recipients can view your latest projects, videos, and galleries instantly, providing a comprehensive view of your skills and creativity.

Direct Website Access

Promote your business website effectively by linking it to your NFC business card. Recipients can tap your card to visit your website, explore your services, read your blog, and contact you directly through your site. This seamless integration enhances user experience and drives traffic to your online presence.

Social Media Connectivity

Boost your social media following by linking your profiles to your NFC business card. Users can instantly connect with you on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. This increases your social reach and allows for more meaningful and ongoing professional connections.

Promotional Campaigns

Launch special promotions or discounts through your DigiVis NFC business card. Link to exclusive offers, event invitations, or limited-time deals. This creative approach can drive engagement and incentivize potential clients or partners to take immediate action.

Event Networking

At conferences, trade shows, or networking events, use DigiVis NFC business cards to stand out. Exchange contact information quickly, and follow up with personalized messages linked to the card. This efficiency allows you to make more connections in less time, enhancing your networking efforts.

Customer Feedback and Surveys

Gather customer feedback effortlessly by linking your NFC business card to online surveys or feedback forms. This direct approach encourages clients to share their thoughts and experiences, providing valuable insights that can help improve your services and customer satisfaction.

Digital Brochures and Catalogs

Replace bulky brochures with digital versions linked to your NFC business card. Clients can access detailed product catalogs, service lists, or informational brochures with a tap. This eco-friendly option saves paper and ensures clients always have access to the most up-to-date information.

Appointment Scheduling

Simplify appointment booking by linking your NFC business card to an online scheduling system. Clients can view your availability and book meetings directly, streamlining the process and reducing the back-and-forth of scheduling.

Multimedia Presentations

Impress potential clients and partners by linking your NFC business card to multimedia presentations. Share videos, slideshows, or interactive demos that highlight your products or services. This dynamic approach can leave a lasting impression and effectively communicate your value proposition.


DigiVis NFC business cards are more than just a modern alternative to traditional paper cards—they are a powerful tool for enhancing your business interactions and marketing efforts. By leveraging the creative uses outlined above, you can maximize the impact of your networking, build stronger relationships, and ultimately drive business growth. Embrace the future of networking with DigiVis NFC business cards and transform the way you connect.

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