Our story

In today’s fast-paced digital age, where everything is moving at lightning speed, time has become an invaluable resource. The world has transitioned from 4G to 5G, enabling swift and accurate transactions. In light of this technological progress, we believe it is the perfect moment to highlight the significance of NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. Why stick to conventional business cards when we can embrace change? It’s time for a shift, and many countries have already seized the opportunity of NFC technology. Now, we aspire for the development of Kerala in this technology. This is where our business idea took root and began to flourish.

About Us

DigiVis strives to deliver the most modern solutions to our customers. By harnessing the power of NFC technology, we aim to revolutionize the way people exchange contact information and eliminate the need for traditional paper-based business cards.

Who we are

DigiVis allows you to effortlessly share your identity with anyone, anytime, and anywhere. Say goodbye to traditional paper business cards and embrace our digital business card technology powered by NFC (Near Field Communication). This innovative solution enhances the way you connect and communicate with clients, providing endless possibilities for engagement and self-expression.

Our story

As technology keeps evolving, it’s crucial to leverage its potential in the most effective and intelligent ways possible. In today’s digital age, your smartphone can serve as your go-to resource for all your business needs. From finding products and services to accessing valuable information, there’s an app for everything. With such a vast array of tools available at your fingertips, running your business has never been more convenient. 

That’s where DigiVis comes in NFC business card comes in. With our cutting-edge technology, you can effortlessly connect with others and share your professional identity with just a tap in your smartphone.

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Say goodbye to traditional paper business cards and embrace the power of digital communication. 

Make a lasting impression and take your networking game to the next level with DigiVis NFC business card. 

Discover new ways to engage with your clients and showcase your brand in ways that were never possible before.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionise the way people network by leveraging technology in the most effective and intelligent ways possible. We are committed to helping businesses make lasting impressions and take their networking game to the next level.

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower our clients to discover new ways to engage with their customers and showcase their brands in a smarter way. Our ultimate goal is to make networking simpler, more effective, and more accessible to everyone.



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